At Xynate we have integrated a team of dedicated members who recieve regular trainings to keep them updated on the latest managerial and technical processes. We are keen on ensuring that customer needs are always met with satisfactory solutions that are not only long term but also cost effective and efficient.

We always guarantee our clients:

  • Nationwide service
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Certified Test Results
  • Independent Unbiased Water Meter Testing and Water Meter Repair
Samuel Kahiga – Director/Founder

Samuel is the founder Xynate Ltd. He has extensive, technical and managerial knowledge in a range of fields and especially on new innovations and technical know-how on the water utilities industry. Samuel has in the past spearheaded the growth of small companies into multinationals, establishing business leads and partnerships abroad. Samuel is involved in various social and local developments. Currently Samuel sits in Xynate’s advisory board among others.

Lydia Kahiga – Director

Lydia is among the founders, Xynate Ltd. She was actively involved in the basics that advised the founding of the company. “We felt there was need for utilities to be able to access resources that are not only consistent but also reliable, efficient and cost effective especially in dealing with Non-Revenue Water“

Lydia has successfully developed start-ups and small business into credible companies. She is also involved in various social and local development initiatives. Lydia chairs the company’s advisory board.

Charles Gatheru – General Manager

Charles has previously worked in quality control, overseeing operations of a major production company. He has completed classes and attended lectures on the operation, maintenance and installation of water meters as well as project management. He is experienced in the operation and maintenance of water meters and main capacity flow testing, and the operation of our state of the art test and calibration Bench. Charles provides valuable technical support to our clients. He is also involved with a variety of support functions and is primarily our lead technician in conducting on site meter testing.

Teresa Wairimu

Teresa is experienced in the operation and maintenance of water meters, main capacity flow testing, and the operation of our test and calibration Bench. She is also a NRW management expert. Teresa has attended several training programmes including a training course on NRW management. She has extensive knowledge on issues facing water utilities and gives advice on how to remedy various challenges. She consults on such topics as Water Loss, Water Audits, Main Capacity Testing, Leak Detection and Meter testing with calibration